Drop Off/Pick Up

When a child is dropped off the caregiver MUST sign the child in on the attendance sign-in sheet. This applies to parents, caregivers, or anyone you authorize to drop off or pick up your child. This is a safety precaution that lets us know which children are in the building.

Illegally parked cars make it dangerous for children to cross the street with their parents or caregivers. Illegally parked cars obscure visibility and block access to the crossing area. In addition, illegally parked cars prevent the access of emergency vehicles to the building. In the event of an accident or injury, cars parked illegally, i.e. in fire lanes, could prevent a police car, ambulance, or fire truck from reaching the building.

While many of our parents walk their children to school, if you are driving your child to school, our teachers are happy to meet your child at the door and bring your child inside. We’ll assign times and numbers to parents wishing to drive their children to school s that we will know when to meet you.
Be assured that we have an open door policy, and you are always welcome to park your car legally and come inside.

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