Policies and Procedures


Birthday parties are always welcomed. We ask that arrangements be made in advance between the parent and teacher in order for the proper accommodations to be made it is the responsibility of the parent and teacher to make sure that all food served has either OU certification, Star-K supervision, or Kof-K supervision. We are CholovYisrael only.

Reaching the Director or a Teacher

When a call is received by the office for the Director, all efforts to reach her will be made. In the event that she does not answer her page, a message will be taken and placed in her box. She will return your call at her earliest convenience. Due to the large volume of calls for teachers coming in from parents, we are unable to interrupt the class unless there is a dire emergency. Messages will be taken and placed in the teacher’s box and calls will be returned at the teacher’s earliest convenience. If it is an emergency, we will contact the Director to take the call. All staff members have individual email addresses. You may contact the Director by email at passaiccliftonplaygroup@gmail.com.

Class Trips, Celebrations, and Volunteers

We will notify you of all class trips. Even though we have a release in your child’s file, a permission slip will be sent home for each trip and must be completed, signed, and returned with any monies due, in order for the child to participate in the trip. A child will not be allowed to participate without a signed permission slip. From time to time we will ask parents to volunteer their time at one of our many celebrations, or to chaperone the children on a class trip. Your help is very important for us to make these functions possible. We feel that trips are beneficial to the children’s overall learning experience and should be a frequent part of our curriculum.

Calendars, Newsletters, and Reminders

We send out a calendar at the beginning of the school year. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we may need to make some changes from time to time. We will try to give you ample notice of these changes but we cannot guarantee that there will not be a last minute change. We ask you to be prepared and always have a backup plan should the need arise. The teachers work hard to send home periodic newsletters to keep you up-to-date on class progress. We also try to send home reminders of scheduled events, but we ask that you keep your original calendar someplace visible and refer to it daily for all upcoming events.

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