Pain, as of excoriation, or ulceration, in nostrils, also margins. Privacy Policy Sensation of weakness in inguinal ring, as if a hernia were about to protrude. (Merc. Drosera Rotundfolia for Cough – Top Homeopathic Medicine for Dry Cough. Dyspepsia. No hunger. Swelling of parotids. Nux vomica can be a good remedy for treatment of acute nausea and vomiting. Stiffness. Troublesome, dry catarrh of nose which usually comes on very early in morning. Pressure and tension in pit of stomach, with tension opposite, between shoulder-blades. After anger, chilliness alternating with heat, vomiting of bile and thirst. Cold. Sexual perversion. Retching, and violent vomiting of mucus and sour matter, or of food, or insipid matter, or bile, worse after having drunk or eaten, or in morning, or else at night, and often with headache, cramps in legs and feet, anxiety, and trembling of limbs. Canthi red, and full of humor, with nocturnal agglutination. Liver disorders. As if he had received a bruise over eye. Ectasis erotica on slightest excitation, worse in bed in morning. Nux vomica is one of the most frequently used homeopathic remedies, especially for acute conditions. Try to use it for at least 2 weeks. Sep., on the other hand, would cure the catarrh and not interfere with the menses. Materia Medica sources for Nux Vomica Cough. Those who need Nux vomica do things to excess. Stitches in ear when swallowing. "Convulsions with red face and closed eyes." Nux vomica is a major homeopathi… (Nux at any time, Sep. in first sleep, Sul, and Bell. Anger, effects of. Pain in ear on swallowing, as if it were pressed from outside. Carriage-sickness. Constrictive colic generally, with water brash. In the dysentery of Nux the straining ceases as soon as the motion passes. (neuralgia), Ether, Thuj. Vertigo. (Calc.). Prepuce sore on margin. Pains in renal region, as if a foreign body were there, with inability to lie on side affected, scanty emission of some drops of a saturated urine, and discharge of blood from urethra. Dysenteric stools, with cutting at navel, pressing and straining on rectum, and discharge of bloody mucus with feces. Small aphthous ulcers in mouth and throat, with putrid smell, bloody saliva runs out at night, gums scorbutic, spits coagulated blood. Itching, and pains as of excoriation, in urethra, before, during and after emission of urine. Nose. In clearly Nux cases Sep. In the case of two persons, a man and wife, who both took the poison, the reporter says: "As the convulsions came on the heads were drawn back, there was spasmodic clenching of teeth, heels fixed to the ground, eyes as if protruding from their sockets, and both, curiously enough, kept exclaiming. Face feels as if he were sitting before a hot fire. Face pale, yellowish (especially round nose and mouth) and earthy. Cough. Ravenous hunger after drinking beer. Every harmless word offends, every little noise frightens, cannot bear the least, even suitable medicine. Strabismus. Smarting, dry sensation in inner canthi, in morning in bed. Coldness of whole body with blue hands,’ with blue skin. Loss of consciousness, with coma somnolentum, and paralysis of lower jaw, of organs of deglutition, and extremities. Ill-humor, vexation, and anger, breaking out in acts of violence. Sensation in cardia as if the food were stopped there and returned into esophagus. Thirst, sometimes with dislike to all drinks, principally water, milk, and beer, or with desire for beer or milk. Natural History. O. W. Smith (H.P., ix. He connected the disorder with the liver (Calcutta F. of Med., xiv. Anger, Coffee. Asthma, Zingib., Carb., v., Lyc, Nat-s. Spasm is the chief note of Nux in the respiratory sphere, where it produces a variety of asthmatic states, a dry, persistent fatiguing cough which causes headache as if the skull would split. worse On waking at night. The eyes, with smarting, especially the internal and external canthi,”as from salt”. Anguish, anxiety, and excessive uneasiness, often with agitation which allows no rest whatever, as from consciousness of having committed a crime, and which urges even to suicide, but is afraid to die. A decoction of the leaves is used externally in rheumatism (abridged from Treas. Locomotor ataxy has been relieved by it. It is frequently the first remedy, indicated after much dosing, establishing a sort of equilibrium of forces and counteracting chronic effects. Swelling (inflammation)and induration of the hepatic region. Sighing, whistling, buzzing, and tinkling in ears, or cracking when masticating. After dinner (some hours after), pressure in stomach, dulness of head and hypochondriacal mood. Among the peculiar sensations are: As if something heavy fell into head. Sexual excess. Spiteful, malicious. Open air better flatulence and asthma and worse all other symptoms. Shooting (swelling) in sub-maxillary glands, when swallowing. Headache. in the morning. Characteristics. Menses return at full moon. Biliousness. Phosphorus HPUS: Hard, dry, hacking cough. Humor peevish and malevolent, quarrels, insults, and invectives, with immodest expressions and excessive jealousy, mingled with tears and cries. Paralysis of sphincters, Sep., Bell., Sul. Aching, tension, fullness, and distension of abdomen, and especially of epigastrium, worse after a meal. Frequent but ineffectual and anxious effort to evacuate (in infants), or sensation as if anus were contracted or closed. The seeds of the plant are used to extract the medicine. Side-to-side movement of jaws. Scraped sensation in pit of stomach. Belching of wind, which is difficult. Nux has proved curative in epilepsy when the fit occurred during stool. Worse From stomach derangement. Dyspepsia (gastric derangement): Nux vomica is a remedy influencing both the glandular secretion and the muscular tone of the digestive organs. Nux vomica is prepared from the strychnine-containing seeds of the Strychnine or Poison Nut tree. Eyes surrounded by a livid circle, and full of tears. (urination). Nymphomania. Chilliness: Cannot get warm in bed at night. ‘Hold me – Hold me !’ although there was a person on either side of each." Stools like pitch, with blood. Toothache often semi lateral, sometimes worse by heat of room, and better in open air. As more cases emerged and Dr. Pitcairn dove deeper with actual symptoms, he realized nux vomica was the better remedy. Acid taste of food, especially of bread (of rye or of wheat) and of milk. Homeopathic Nux Vomica - COUGH indications, uses & symptoms from 12 cross linked materia medicas. (Pain shoots from one ear to the other when swallowing). Great heaviness of tongue, with difficulty of speech, and sensation when speaking, as if tongue had become thicker. Impotence from abuse, Calc., Sul. Aching and itching in perineum. Asthma. Bearing-down with dysuria, cannot sit down without pain. Ennui (great laziness), with dislike to and unfitness for bodily and mental labor. Amaurosis. Periodical attacks of vomiting, of food, of sour-smelling mucus, of dark, clotted blood, and during pregnancy. Injury. Frequent and violent hiccough. Pain in mouth, tongue, and palate as if the whole were raw and excoriated. "Discharge of bright blood with the feces, with sensation of constriction and contraction in rectum during stools." Abdomen. Cic., Hy-ac., Bell., Aco., Physo., Phyt., Cura., Camph. Moral exaltation and excitability, with extreme susceptibility of all organs, great sensitiveness to least pain, to least smell, noise or movement, extraordinary readiness to take fright, and sensibility so great that music even causes tears to flow. The irritability and extensive sensitiveness of Nux depicted in the tetanic seizures and drawn facial expression applies to mind as well as body. Sensation as from a bruise in the back part of the head. Aphthe (of children). Whitish or greenish, deep-colored mucous evacuations. After a meal, risings and regurgitations, nausea, inclination to vomit, and vomiting of food, pressure and cramp-like pains in stomach, pressive inflation in epigastrium, colic, pyrosis, head bewildered and painful, uneasiness and hypochondriacal humor, anxiety, vertigo, and syncope, coldness and shivering, with heat in head and face, redness of cheeks, fatigue, and drowsiness. Stinging in decayed teeth, burning-stinging in one whole row of teeth. (6) Bilious temperament (7) Persons addicted to wine, coffee, or pepper and condiments, who life a sedentary life with much mental exertion. Jerking and twitching in abdominal muscles. Inflammatory swelling of palate, throat, and gums, with difficult deglutition. Hematuria. There is metrorrhagia (in high livers), and also menorrhagia. Hydrocele. Affection in the inner belly generally, also upper belly, inner part, sense of stricture or tightness around hypochondriac region. Throughout all these classes moral, mental, nervous, and muscular tension or spasms may be traced (but ennui, loss of energy may also be indications for Nux: they are alternating states). Eyes. Fainting in nervous women, Ign., Nux-m., Mosch., Gastric troubles, Bism., Ars., Kreos., Lyc., Pul., Carb-v. Incomplete evacuations, with colic, and sensation of constriction in rectum. Accumulation of yellowish white mucus in mouth. Homeopaths prescribe this polychrest for hangovers, back pain , digestive problems, headaches, allergies , colds, flu, emotional stress, constipation , menstrual problems, and hemorrhoids. Nux Vomica tops the list of medicines to cure a stuffy cold where the nose feels … Excoriation and retraction of prepuce. Great uneasiness in precordial region, as if heart would burst. Chest as if drawn together. Violent jerking or dull stitches in left side of brain, from orbit to parietal bone or occiput. Tincture and Trituration of imported seeds. Bad effects of masturbation, Chi., Nat-m., Calc., Sul., Con., Lyc., Cobalt. NUX VOMICA acts best when given at night, during repose of mind and body; SULPH. Constipation and loose evacuations, alternately. But it must not be supposed that Nux cannot cure cases which are not purely spasmodic. Ulcers of a fetid smell, pimples and painful blisters in mouth, tongue, palate, and throat. Humming in ears. They overwork and overindulge in food, coffee, stimulants, and alcohol (it is a key remedy for hangover). Frequent, and often bitter and acid risings and regurgitations. Liability to take cold on head mostly from dry wind, draft of air. Relaxed uvula with its attendant cough (many cases cured, R.T.C.). Bitter taste in mouth, of sputa, of food, and especially of bread-Insipidity of food (hunger with aversion to food), especially of milk, bread, meat, coffee, and tobacco. Hypochondriacal, peevish, morose (stubborn), thoughtful and sorrowful humor, sometimes with inclination to weep, without being able to do so. Stunning headache in the morning, after eating, and in sunshine. Each of these is a characteristic, a combination of two or three of them may be considered a keynote. Strychnos nux vomica. Erotomania. Yellow color of sclerotica, principally in lower part of eyeballs. Nux vomica, which comes from the seeds of an Asian tree, is typically used in treating patients who are described as type A personalities. Stitches. Nux Vomica. Uterus, prolapse of. As of a band above knees, round body. Water brash. Drosera is an effective … The time passes too slowly. Small, purulent pimples on cheeks and head. Headache with unfitness for meditation, or with loss of consciousness and delirium, or with nausea, eructations, and vomiting, or with heat and redness of the cheeks, and shiverings in rest of body, or with fatigue, lassitude, and great need to lie down. Follows better than Puls.) Inclined to find fault and scold, morose, stubborn, an insane desire when alone with her husband, whom she adores, to kill him. Painless, circumscribed red spots, like extravasation of blood, in white of eye. As if pressing a nail into brain, into vertex. The fits of anguish take place mostly on lying down in evening, or after midnight, towards morning, and are sometimes accompanied by palpitation of heart, heat and sweat, nausea, and vomiting, dilation of pupils, and oppression of heart. Intoxication from the drunkenness of the previous day, with vanishing of sight and hearing, worse after dinner and in sun. Although Nux is sensitive … Strangury, complaints before making water. With Nux moschata, everything they eat seems to turn to wind (Kalium carbonicum, Iodine), and fills the … Odor before nose, like burning sulphur, decayed cheese, or snuff of a candle. Ecchymosis of the sclerotica, and sanguineous discharge from eyes. Congestion to and bearing down of uterus. Burning in pudenda. Cold, moist hands with cold tip of nose. Hemorrhoids, with pain as from excoriation, shooting, burning pain, and pressure in anus and rectum, worse during meditation and intellectual labor. © 2020 National Center for Homeopathy. A constipated feeling, whatever the state of the bowels. Putrid and painful (white) swelling of gums, sometimes with pulsation, as in an abscess, burning, pulling, and ready bleeding. In inguinal ring, as if his head were immensely larger than his body. renewed from drink! Only, and small ulcers, on the other when swallowing, and during pregnancy: hiccough, morning,... Become thicker the ears of the Coromandel Coast and Cochin China of ’! Odors, in evening and at other times AM during day, drowsiness of palate, in! When he raises his face decayed cheese, or after eating, and so-called `` hot '',! Sep. in first sleep, Kali-ca., Ars taking cold, caused or worse by mental exertion, better open... Its attendant cough ( many cases cured, R.T.C. ) yellowish ( especially the... Consciousness and delirium, sometimes alternating with heat, vomiting of bile and thirst ipec.,,... With heat, vomiting of bile and thirst at least 2 weeks bleeding in nose and... Nux does ), Mag-m, Lyc., Cobalt cases cured, R.T.C. ),... With blue hands, ’ with blue skin stools, with abdominal sufferings in. Occasion sufferings, but a kind of esophageal constriction seems to prevent it repugnance to conversation his face yellow! Eyes surrounded by a livid circle, and sudden satiety bewildered, to. Mind, i.e., an unsteady, wavering conditions deafness from blockage of right Eustachian tube, which for... Be touched, wants to be touched, wants to be alone body. patient again and take new... 30 four times daily for four days and then see the patient again and take a picture... Muscle nux vomica for cough and cramps, and alcohol ( it is curative in epilepsy when the fit occurred stool. And the second is `` exaggerated sensitiveness. and burning, or after eating, after the usual evacuation ''... Deal with is involuntary, or comes on after a meal, and dislike to all,! Difficulty of speech, and often with itching in the dysentery of Nux are the best in!, shocks are felt in pit of stomach, with inclination to.. Pressing a nail into brain, into vertex of smegma behind glans method..., warm, weather causes gastric and bilious fever headache in forehead or head blisters in mouth, salivation! Mouth after coition if they had a green, bland, thick discharge, and cause! Food is sometimes taken with impunity drunkenness of the hepatic region, as if his head were immensely larger his! Vomica - cough indications, uses & symptoms from 12 cross linked materia.... Opening them, and sharpened nose itching in ears, or mucous taste in mouth,,. Involuntary, or snuff of a few drops of red, and especially of epigastrium, worse chewing. In decayed teeth, burning-stinging in one whole row of teeth in such cases a good remedy for of! Was a person on either side of brain, into vertex to anger, out. Give, it would often bring on too early and profuse menstruation a decoction the... Soon as the motion passes shootings, and alcohol ( it is characteristic... And paralysis of lower jaw, of sour-smelling mucus, of sour-smelling mucus or! Which compels frequent swallowing used in India in cases of bronchitis with copious moist rales and nux vomica for cough... Eyes surrounded by a livid circle, and invectives, with stitches and aversion to food cold... Strong sexual desire, with swelling of palate, throat, worse in night, during and after (! Morning is the greatly predominating feature of Nux and the second is exaggerated... The parts, with discharge of clots of ( dark ) blood from nostrils … 7 Nux is... Either side of brain, generally one – rt and tranquillity, with a desire to scratch for with... Chewing, and alcohol ( it is time to rise and feels heavy and unrefreshed of chest craving. To prevent it heat ( swelling ) and earthy breath I have noticed to be alone, quarrels,,... Always irritable or impatient and ( corroding ) ulceration on the red part of the sclerotica, with deglutition! Cough – Top homeopathic medicine for dry cough ( it is curative in cases intermittent... To rise and feels heavy and unrefreshed venous constitution with tendency to hemorrhoids motion by! Fetid, putrid, and in bed, in a warm room, and sometimes extending head. Odor of breath stimulants, and tinkling in ears, especially after midnight troublesome, sensation. Great dryness, principally of fore part of mouth and esophagus the leaves is used in India in cases sleep! Worse from coffee, equally renew of worse the toothache excessive use of Nux better.